Every Child in Oregon Deserves a Bright Future!

Children’s savings plans have been shown to increase the likelihood children will graduate from high school with plans for their future. Even very modest amounts of savings put aside in a child’s name have huge impacts on college expectations.

We know that today in Oregon, too many children grow up thinking that college is out of reach, or that there’s nothing to be gained by staying in school. Oregon Bright Futures Plan will complement efforts to increase high school graduation and to engage students in learning after high school – whether that’s career and technical training or college. It will also engage parents and families in saving in coordination with community partners.

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Oregon Bright Futures Task Force

House Bill 2389 creates the Oregon Bright Futures Task Force, which will finalize the plans for a children’s savings program in Oregon. For the past several years, a wide range of Oregon partners, including community based organizations, financial institutions, organizations supporting student success, and philanthropic organizations have been learning about children’s savings, exploring the potential for a statewide effort in Oregon, and grappling with operational questions. The Oregon Bright Futures Task Force will carry that work forward and engage the Legislature in finalizing a proposal for consideration and adoption in 2020.

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Children’s Savings Accounts: An Evidence-Based Strategy

Evidence from around the country shows that designed properly, children’s saving plans can reach students who might not otherwise think about college or post-high school training as a possibility. Oregon Bright Futures incorporates design elements that promise to help reach communities of color, rural communities, families with the lowest incomes, and families who don’t have connections to mainstream financial institutions.

"Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. Too many families with low incomes lack access to high-quality education that can provide a pathway out of poverty. Head Start provides this access during early childhood and Children's Savings Accounts can allow access later in life. We have an opportunity to provide the children of Oregon with a strong start towards financial resiliency."

Tristin Mock, ND, Executive Director
Oregon Head Start Association

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We are excited to share details of our proposal and our campaign. We want your thoughts, your energy, and we want to understand how CSAs can help you reach your goals. Whether you are just curious or ready to sign on to advocate you can help!

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The Oregon Asset Building Coalition
The Oregon Asset Building Coalition is comprised of organizations with deep connections in many Oregon communities. We focus on state level policy change that will promote financial resilience and the inclusion of under-served communities, communities of color, and rural communities in Oregon’s prosperity. 

Neighborhood Partnerships
NP is a statewide nonprofit organization with a 29 year history of achieving impacts throughout Oregon’s communities. We manage the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative, convene the Oregon Asset Building Coalition, and convene the Oregon Housing Alliance.