Every Child in Oregon Deserves a Bright Future!

Oregon's future will be brighter when all of our children are able to graduate from high school with a plan to take their next step.

Too many children in Oregon struggle to complete high school and fail to enroll or succeed in post-secondary education.  We can capture Oregon's full potential and make sure that every child moves forward driven by their talents and interest.  Whether their goal is to be a teacher, web developer, automotive engineer, or anything else, Oregon can help pave their path forward.

The Oregon Bright Futures Plan will create a Children's Savings Account for every child born in Oregon.  Our plan design will leverage the investments of the state, community institutions and partners, and the savings of children and families to build savings toward post-high school education and training.

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"Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. Too many families with low incomes lack access to high-quality education that can provide a pathway out of poverty. Head Start provides this access during early childhood and Children's Savings Accounts can allow access later in life. We have an opportunity to provide the children of Oregon with a strong start towards financial resiliency."

Tristin Mock, ND, Executive Director
Oregon Head Start Association

The Oregon Bright Futures Plan is Supported By These Organizations

Children’s Savings Accounts: An Evidence-Based Strategy

A rigorous body of research demonstrates that investing early in our children by providing them with asset-building accounts supports children, their families and their communities. Perhaps most importantly, children from families with low- to moderate-incomes with as little as $500 in college savings are three times more likely to attend a two- to four-year college and four times more likely to graduate.

From early childhood maternal care and early academic success, to post-secondary achievement, to entering the workforce on stronger financial footing — having a savings account makes a big difference. The Oregon Bright Futures Plan offers a potential solution to some of the biggest challenges Oregonians face throughout their lives.

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Research Brief and One-Pagers!

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We are excited to share details of our proposal and our campaign. We want your thoughts, your energy, and we want to understand how CSAs can help you reach your goals. Whether you are just curious or ready to sign on to advocate you can help!


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Please contact Jill Winsor (503-226-3001 x 118 or jwinsor@neighborhoodpartnerships.org) with questions.

The Oregon Asset Building Coalition
The Oregon Asset Building Coalition is comprised of organizations with deep connections in many Oregon communities. We focus on state level policy change that will promote financial resilience and the inclusion of under-served communities, communities of color, and rural communities in Oregon’s prosperity. 

Neighborhood Partnerships
NP is a statewide nonprofit organization with a 27 year history of achieving impacts throughout Oregon’s communities. We manage the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative, convene the Oregon Asset Building Coalition, and convene the Oregon Housing Alliance.